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Footbridge Wedding and Events Centre, Auckland


A beautiful wedding venue can surely double your happiness on your special wedding day. It is because it is human nature that a person feels good in a stunning and beautiful place. A couple remembers their wedding day for the whole life as it is one of the most valuable days of their life. Every couple tries to make their wedding day a memorable one by arranging their marriage in the most beautiful venue. Auckland has the world’s most beautiful wedding venues. Among them, one of the most breath-taking wedding venues is Footbridge Wedding and Events Venue.

About Footbridge Wedding and Events Centre

This stunning and Auckland’s one of the top wedding venues is located in Bombay, just 5 minutes from the Southern Motorway. It has a beautiful pine forest and lake which provides amazing sites for photography and gatherings. These sites are outstanding for all gatherings, events and particularly for those weddings that take place in winter. A beautiful and stylish wedding location with a Gazebo and Chapel, highly decorated rooms, experienced staff, and outstanding service. With its big open fireplace and wood-panelled bar, it offers a relaxed and peaceful country atmosphere. Its presence is felt internationally and a couple from all around the world book this wonderful wedding venue for their marriages.


Footbridge Wedding and Events Centre has a special room known as the “Tawa” room which is used for reception and is very popular for its uniqueness. It also has a bar and the beverages are served by highly trained and experienced staff members. It provides the use of chapel or gazebo for ceremony and reception in the “Tawa” room. Adjacent to the Tawa room is a carpeted dining room that offers grace and comfort both for a small gathering group or a group of up to 100 guests. On your wish, the informal and disorganized setting can be transformed into a sophisticated and organized setting with chairs covered and decorated. This appealing wedding venue also provides professional and skilled decorators.

Catering Services

Its menus and packages are extremely good and provide a wide range of food items and beverages. You can also add or remove any item on the menu if you want. It also caters to vegetarian and other special requirements. Other services include uniformed and dedicated team, BBQ service, cocktail service, crockery, decorated and cleaned tables, and many other things are also there.

Photography Sites

Footbridge Wedding and Events Centre provides amazing and beautiful photography sites like the inside of the chapel gives a backdrop of bush and ferns. Lakeside and its private gardens are the best areas for photography. It also offers a professional and skilled photography team that can really help you in your shoot.

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