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The Auckland Museum


Most of us arrange our marriages in wedding halls. Now if a wedding hall is present in a beautiful and picturesque venue, it can surely make your wedding more colorful. We try to book a wedding hall located at the most beautiful venue on the special day of our wedding. Besides considering its location, we also look for other services that it provides such as food quality, security arrangements, parking area, hire, guests accommodation, and other basic services. Auckland has one of the most beautiful wedding venues such as the Auckland Museum wedding venue. Let’s discuss more about this beautiful wedding venue.

About Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum is located in the center of Auckland. It is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony and will make your wedding a special day. The museum with its stunning architecture and majestic columns provides a magnificent backdrop for your wedding and other private gatherings. It has unique and special spaces that will create an iconic backdrop for your wedding.

Auckland Museum has a spectacular venue for any kind of wedding and functions. It also provides some amazing sites for photography purposes. Dedicated and experienced staff members will serve your guests with perfection. It is famous for its delicious food cooked by a professional team of chefs.

Grand Foyer

You will enjoy your wedding at this magnificent Grand Foyer having dramatic columns and amazing stained-glass ceiling high almost up to the third floor. Your guests and friends will be warmly welcomed for evening festivals after the museum closes at 5 pm. It will be decorated and prepared according to your wish and your guests can come to the wedding ceremony from 6.30 pm. They will be served with drinks and canapes by our dedicated team. It can also be transformed from a ceremony set up to reception dinner while you are exploring the gallery. You will have to pay more for the origins gallery.


Auckland Museum can accommodate up to 150 seated guests, 300 standing guests, and 100 chaired guests. It provides a good sound system for speeches and background music. Beautiful lights are also there which brighten the Doric columns in the room.

Overall, The Auckland Museum accommodates from 100 to 450 guests for your wedding ceremony. It also has a dance floor where you and your guests can dance with your loved ones. Its professional caterers will help you in planning the perfect menu for your wedding day.

Events Centre

The beauty of this wedding venue lies in the events center which is a stunning round glass room. It provides an amazing view of Auckland city and will add the wow factor to your wedding day. It is used for reception on the morning of your wedding day. Your guests will be invited to the wings of the venue and will enjoy beverages and canapes.

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