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Heartfelt Wedding at the Stables Matakana, Auckland


Wedding is the occasion of celebrating your special day with family, friends, and loved ones. Everyone wants its wedding ceremony to be with, full ambiance and elegance.

Stop dreaming about your magical fantasy wedding and start making it true by tying the knot at one of the best spectacular beautiful venues in Auckland. If you are searching for a heart-stealing venue, mouth-watering menu and best of all, attentive, friendly and responsible staff then the Stables Matakana is the right place for making your special day perfect.

The Charming Location

If you are dreaming of an attractive, heart touching yet elegant wedding, then the Stables Matakana will steal your heart with its rustic charm and magnificent atmosphere. This dream wedding destination is situated on fifty acres of land surrounded by the natural beauty of rolling hills, meadows and vineyards in Matakana. Its route from the exquisite white sandy beaches of Omaha, Tawharanui and Pakiri, make the Stables Matakana the ultimate wedding destination.

Representing versatile spaces, great fireplaces, courtyards and grand manicured loans, the Matakana is a beautiful wedding venue for every season. It has been just like a blank canvas dream wedding with all of its inclusive packages, magnificent catering option, midweek concession rates and stress-free preparations.

The Mesmerizing View

The Stables Matakana is a fantabulous summer wedding locale, with sizeable glass doors that have access to the courtyard and lavish front lawn, with the natural charm and allure of the countryside presenting a scenic and vivid backdrop for your wedding occasion. Similarly, the Stables offers a striking winter wedding location with heated floors, snugly lighting and grand firesides that glisten at each end of the dining room creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in winter.

There is an endearing historic cathedral situated on the grounds which is obtainable to use in your ceremony. If you want a peculiar stylish entrance, then also the horse and carriages are available for you. Also, you can offer your guests a visit around the beautiful meadows and eye-dazzling hills in these carriages.

There is a large main dining room for the wedding reception that can accommodate up to150 guests. If you are dreaming of an exhilarating and heart touching wedding photoshoot then, the Stables Matakana is the ideal place or you can say it as the seventh heaven for your photography. With warm lighting, lush meadows, rolling hills, historic chapel, rustic environment, scenic backdrop and grand fireplaces, the incredible and spectacular venue of Stables Matakana becomes even prettier for your wedding photoshoot. You will find the venue, food, staff and photography sublime beyond compare. You will be delighted by the entire atmosphere- roaring fires, sparkling candles, charming and admirable nature of the staff.

All in all, go, grab your booking, and feast your eyes on all these glamorous and chic beauty.

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