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Allely Estate Wedding Venue, Auckland


One of the most important things, if you are getting married, is to search for a beautiful wedding venue and book it. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the biggest responsibilities before marriage. Marriage is the most important occasion in our life and no doubt, it is everyone’s dream to make it a special day. A wedding venue definitely plays an important role in making your wedding ceremony special. There are many stunning wedding venues in the world but Auckland has some breath-taking wedding venues. One of them is Allely Estate Wedding Venue. Let’s have a look at its beauty and amazing style with which it is built.

Allely Estate Wedding Venue

Allely Estate is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Auckland. If you want to make your wedding special and stress-free, it may be the best venue for your wedding. It provides a vast choice of ceremonies and reception locations in one amazing venue. Allely Estate also provides the best services ensuring a great wedding ceremony. Its beautiful greenish gardens, stunning heritage villa, elegant outdoor marquee, and wonderful interior spaces will surely impress your guests and friends.

What does it provide?

Allely Estate offers amazing packages that consist of ceremony and reception areas, talented and educated staff, experienced chefs, 6m high marquee, wet weather options, food of all varieties, and manicured gardens. This lovely wedding venue can accommodate 80 guests in the villa, about 190 guests in the outdoor marquee, up to 400 guests in the garden, and more than 500 guests for a stand-up cocktail event. Its staff is always here and provides the best services to ensure you get the perfect wedding. They respect your privacy and allow you to have your wedding your way. What you want to add or remove from the menu, its team is always there to help you.

Historic Villa

Its historic and stunning villa is most suitable for you when it is winter or the weather is rainy. Highly decorated windows open out for a wonderful view of the gardens. A special room is also there in which the bride and groom can get ready and take photos or take some rest.

Wonderful Marquee

Allely Estate has an amazing marquee whose ceiling is about 6m high and contains wrought iron chandeliers. It also has Astroturf flooring and removable clear sides which you can open on a warm day and enjoy the cold breeze coming from the gardens.

The Green Gardens

This breath-taking wedding venue is surrounded by orchards and vineyards. This beautiful spot has landscaped grounds, groomed gardens, courtyard, and hedge-lined paths. You will love to walk down the grass walkway and take photos under the magnolia trees. In the dark, different color lights make this venue even more beautiful. It is no doubt, one of the most stunning wedding venues in Auckland.


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