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Health issues for women’s Body


Nowadays women’s are suffering from various types of psychological and physical issues that are primarily caused due to the high levels of stress and nervousness that they suffer from. Mostly it has been seen that women are usually laying face down to different kinds of health problems as compared to men because they are heritably dissimilar and their hormones and reproductive organs are generally the main cause of their trouble.

Thus it is very important that women put into practice a choice of steps to know more about women’s health and correlated issues so that they can give better care to their body and thus avoid and prevent these diseases. There are different kinds of physical and mental disease that occur a woman and these contract with issues like breast cancer, diabetes and reproductive and birth power issues. Doubtlessly these issues are dangerous and necessitate instantaneous care.

The prime issues that women are facing today are the troubles of drinking and smoking. It has been that the utilization of alcohol in women has gone up significantly and this has resulted in various kinds of health problems and other related issues.

This may be the one of the major reason of lung cancer in women because alcoholic drinks have an effect on a woman much faster comparatively to a man.  Smoking habit may be dangerous for women because they put up with children and these smoking habits are dangerous to their children in the pregnancy period. Consequently many chain smokers carry on smoking still when they are pregnant and it has an undesirable outcome on their healthiness and body. Thus to avoid these problems women should also avoid these habits for the reason that it show the way to various forms of cancer.

In attendance are a variety of other kinds of women’s health issues pertaining to their mental health and these contain issues like apprehension, uneasiness and mental disease, which also take account of total destruction.

Several studies and investigations by medical practitioners also exposed that the level of nervous tension is a main supplier to the overall renovation in the brain. This in result has the supremacy to influence the largely mental health and as a result women are prone to such categories of diseases. The other major issues with women may be heart disease, which is dissimilar to the prior conviction that women don’t get heart diseases easily.

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