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What No Heat Hairstyles Are Best For This Summer?


Summer is coming up fast, and it is going to be hot, hot, hot. Everyone is ready to have some fun though, and you might be getting your sunglasses, flip flops and summer clothes together. What are you going to do about that hair? You want it to look stylish, and you need choices, preferably the best no heat hairstyles that you can count on to last and look great during the summer.

No Heat Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For example, one trendy solution is a fish braid alternative. There are solutions to curling your hair or making it wavy that don’t require heat. It might not exactly be the shortcut you are hoping for, but you can get good results without damaging your hair.

It is going to take a little bit of doing maybe, but it can be done. Furthermore, you want to be able to know what hairstyles are going to be easy to do without heat, and which hairstyles match up with the Summer’s hot heat.

Different Ways to Get Easy Hairstyles

1. Out of Bed Look

If you are someone with slightly curvy or naturally wavy hair, then there are not many efforts you need to put for this out of bed hairstyle. But then there are girls with straight hair who need styling products for an out of the bed look. But not again, simply make few braids on your wet hair before going to sleep or till your hair are dry. When you wake up in the morning, open your broads and the side part your hair and pin it up to one side for a messy yet sexy hairstyle.

2. Low Bun

This hairstyle is quite simple and you surely don’t need any product for this. To start with making a middle parting and enclose your hair into a bun at the back of your neck and secure it with few bobby pins. Let few strands from front loose for a chic and classic look. Complete the style with a plump pout, high heels and a frock dress.

3. UpDo Bun

If you have been scrolling through the fashion magazines for 2016, you will recognize this style instantly because it rocked. From streets to runways to red carpets, up-do buns were seen glamorizing the fashion word. One of the reasons for its huge fan following is the time it saves. Simply divide the section of your hair to place it in a bun at the top of the head. The hairstyle screams “cool” from college to party for its perfection.

4. Pretty Fishtail

If you are bored of those French braids, maybe it’s time you learn to make the fishtail braid to upgrade your personal style. After all, experimentation is the key. They are quite easy and you can learn to make the fishtail braid here within few minutes. A loose fishtail makes you feel easy and breezy and goes perfect with the summer dress or bohemian look.

5. Braided Bun all the way

Make a ponytail, high one especially for this. Divide your ponytail into two parts and make a bun with the top part. Now, braid a normal plait with the first section and wrap around the bun. Tada! You very first braided bun. Perfect for a date or an evening drinks with your friends.

6. Sexy High ponytail

High ponytails are smart and sexy and at the same time give volume to the crown area. Make a high pony and backcomb the ponytail for bombshell volume. Secure your pony halfway the shaft with few bobby pins. Adding a little amount of natural oil before making a pony will add shine and keep it frizz-free.

One thing you want to think about is not having that hair on your neck. You can keep your long hair, as it looks nice for sure, but there are many hairstyles that can help you put it up for the summer. What type of hair do you have? The turban hairdo is rather popular for summer, and you can also pin your hair back.

There are of course different types of ways to pin back hair. Doing so in waves is one way that looks good, and you can also use different types of hair accessories. Wouldn’t you know that a simple pony tail is also still an effective and popular summer hairdo. Anything you can do that looks stylish and also helps keep your hair out of the way is a good idea. It might not be wintertime and a good idea to let your hair down, but that is okay.

You might even decide to chop some off and go for a shorter hairstyle. Have you had shorter hair before? Leave it to the summer to make people consider shorter hairstyles, and why not do it a little ahead of time? The best no heat hairstyles can make matters much less complicated. You can fix up your hair quickly and without causing it any damage. Just remember that some of those hairstyles are still more about style and not doing things with a quickness.

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