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How to Cut Creasing in Makeup


It is one of the most troubling makeup issues you can face. You put your makeup on complete with concealer and contouring. You have your blush and eyeshadow done perfectly. A few hours later you happen to notice yourself in a mirror. You see wrinkles and creases where your formerly smooth, perfect makeup job had been.

This is a common problem, and it is often not due to a poor makeup application. It is often due to the way different makeups interact with one another on the skin. As you change your expression throughout the day, your facial movements also let the makeup settle into the fine lines that are usually found around and underneath the eyes.

There is a solution to this problem, and it is a simple one. It can be found with a little jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba shrub which grows primarily in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. It is cold-pressed and tested for purity before it is bottled and shipped to beauty suppliers, drug stores and health food stores everywhere.

To cut creasing in makeup, take a few drops of the oil on the ring finger. This is essential for application underneath the eyes where the skin is thin and much more sensitive. The ring finger offers the least amount of pressure.

After applying makeup and concealer, dab the jojoba oil onto the skin lightly. The skin will absorb it without any greasiness being left behind. The wrinkles or creases immediately disappear. All you are left with is a beautiful, smooth complexion.

Jojoba oil can be used to remove makeup, too. It offers an excellent way to clean skin and keep it smooth and free of wrinkles. You can also use jojoba oil in the shower after getting clean. Apply it to wet skin for a super moisturizer.

There are many uses for jojoba oil. Be sure to purchase it 100 percent pure to ensure you are not getting any contaminants in it. These contaminants can compromise the natural abilities of the oil to moisturize and soften skin without clogging it or causing breakouts. Keep a small pot of it in your purse or bag to use it during the day for a crease-free look.

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