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Top 10 Health Tips For Self Entrepreneurs


Many Self entrepreneurs and small business owners are so much engulfed with the daily activities that they find it difficult to cater for their own health. This case is quite detrimental because in the long run, you will always find yourself affected with one form of illness or the other due to stress. If you are a small business owner or a self entrepreneur and you always fund yourself in this plight, in this post you will be learning some ways of keeping fit, regardless of what life and business throw your way. Below are the top 10 health tips for self entrepreneurs.

1. Make yourself a priority

As a self entrepreneur,  there are chances that you are allocating time to your business, employees, your partner, your kids, friends and so on. So what is missing on that list? Definitely, it is You! Whether it is 10 or 15 minutes each day, make sure you are making yourself a priority by doing something positive for you and you alone. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just something that you enjoy and that allows you to be in your own space for a while.
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2. Disconnect

Are you always connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Always hooked to your computer, phone or another mobile device? As a self entrepreneur owner, I know how difficult it can be to call it a day and have time away from our many devices. For your health (especially your sanity), it is incredibly important that you disconnect after a certain time in the evening to give yourself enough space to be in your own mind and to be present with those around you. Unless you are in a role that deals with life and death each day, you can come back to anything that is pressing the next day.

3. Fuel your body with good quality foods

“You are what we eat” How many times have you heard that line before? Our bodies are sophisticated machines and when you fuel yours with too much high processed or fatty foods, you can expect to feel a little worse for wear. To be at your best and to kick some serious business goals, you need to feed your body well. Whenever people ask me what they should be eating, I tell them to keep it simple. Stick to good sources of protein such as lean meats and eggs, healthy sources of carbohydrates such as veggies and whole grains and avoid anything too fatty. Give your tastebuds a little time to adapt and I promise you: you won’t look back.

4. Swap coffee for green tea

Sure, I know this tip might have some self entrepreneurs breaking out in a sweat but when you are stressed, as business owners may find themselves quite often, the last thing you need is anything that may increase your anxiety levels. Instead, swap this mood-altering drug (yes, that is what coffee is), for green tea, herbal tea or coconut water – each will help to reduce the negative toll stress has on your body. Just a heads-up, if you do give up or choose to reduce your caffeine intake, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. This is absolutely normal and should pass within a week so be sure to persist.

5. Eat regularly throughout the day

Now that we are discussing food, I cannot overstate how important it is that you fuel your body throughout the day. Even more so for self entrepreneurs who tend to burn the candle at both ends. When you eat small regular meals throughout the day, you are helping yourself to keep a clear head and to work consistently. Watch your portion sizes and aim for balanced meals, incorporating carbohydrates and protein. If you are not getting hungry throughout the day, keep a check on how many cups of coffee or cans of soft drink you’re drinking.
6. Never skip breakfast
When you fail to ‘break the fast’ after you have been asleep for hours, you are setting yourself up for a pretty unhealthy day. As a small business owner myself, I can relate to others who say they just do not have the time to grab a bite to eat before heading out the door but believe me, it will help you to be so much more focused and productive from the minute you begin work. Aim for a combination of protein and good fats for breakfast and if you are really time poor or not hungry, make a healthy liquid shake or smoothie.

7. Get up and stretch every hour

Most of us are deskbound meaning we are sitting for a good portion of the day. The least physical of jobs can wreak havoc on our bodies. Lower back pain, wrist pain, poor posture, sore fingers… we have all been there. To minimise the toll that sitting for so long can take, get up from your desk and stretch every hour. If you can go for a quick walk, that is even better. When you move your body, you are improving blood circulation, which also helps to stimulate brain function. In other words, when you return to your desk, you will be even more productive.

8. Burn those candles

You may not think that summer and candles necessarily go hand-in-hand but you will be surprised at the positive effect a calming candle or alternatively, essential oils can have. When you burn either in your office, you will notice an instant boost in both your mood and productivity levels. I especially find calming candles and essential oils helpful when I’m feeling stressed as they help me to refocus and feel refreshed as well as re-energised. Just do not forget to blow out your candle before you leave your office.

9. Stay warm

Any self entrepreneur knows how vital it is that they are healthy and good to go! When you keep warm, your body temperature is being controlled. In turn, this helps to prevent you from catching all of those nasty colds or worse still, the flu, all year round. Now that we are in summer, be mindful of cranking up the air conditioning so high that you and your team are shivering. If you cannot control the environment you are in, be sure to layer up and know that everyone’s body temperature is different. Weight, size, age, gender, sleep patterns, diet and even happiness levels all play a part.

10. Get some fresh air each day to feel positive and upbeat

More and more these days, most of us are spending our time sitting inside and at a desk. If you are working in an office with a few people or even alone at home, you are exposed to stale air. Getting out and about helps to boost your immune system and ease your stress levels. Best of all, research shows that getting outside and surrounding yourself with nature increases energy levels for 90% of people. No need for that energy drink!

Business must go on and at the same time maintaining a good health should be inevitable. By following these health tips, you will definitely be a healthy and prolific self entrepreneur.

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