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Beauty in the Health and Fitness Industry


If you’re interested in the health and fitness industry, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of beautiful people in that industry. There’s pressure to look great, because if you don’t look good then how can people trust you and what you are selling.

Beauty in the Health and Fitness

Some of the ‘beauty’ that you see in the health and fitness world is fake. The people who are selling supplements and workout programs – especially the hired models working for the biggest commercial companies – didn’t get their amazing figures through the exclusive use of the products they are promoting. Sometimes, before and after photos are taken in the same week – someone will drink lots of water, bloat up, use bad lighting and take a photo after a big meal. Then they’ll have a good workout later, dehydrate themselves a little, maybe add some spray-tan, and flex their muscles to look nice and ripped for the after photo.Latest Fashion Jewelry.Unlock the secrets of pupe beauty –

That’s not to say that health and fitness is a scam. There are plenty of fit, great looking people who got there through working with their personal training clients. There are plenty of people who practice what they preach and those stage-ready bodybuilder bodies and bikini-clad women are real people. It’s just that not every product being sold is being sold in the right way.

If you are fit and healthy, you will look beautiful, it’s as simple as that. If you are unhealthy, it will show in your skin and in your physique. So, those marketing messages aren’t unethical in that respect, but you should think about whether what you’re looking at really works.

1. Make yourself a priority

As a self entrepreneur, there are chances that you are allocating time to your business, employees, your partner, your kids, friends and so on. So what is missing on that list? Definitely, it is You! Whether it is 10 or 15 minutes each day, make sure you are making yourself a priority by doing something positive for you and you alone. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just something that you enjoy and that allows you to be in your own space for a while.

2. Disconnect

Are you always connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Always hooked to your computer, phone or another mobile device? As a self entrepreneur owner, I know how difficult it can be to call it a day and have time away from our many devices. For your health (especially your sanity), it is incredibly important that you disconnect after a certain time in the evening to give yourself enough space to be in your own mind and to be present with those around you. Unless you are in a role that deals with life and death each day, you can come back to anything that is pressing the next day.

3. Fuel your body with good quality foods

“You are what we eat” How many times have you heard that line before? Our bodies are sophisticated machines and when you fuel yours with too much highly processed or fatty foods, you can expect to feel a little worse for wear. To be at your best and to kick some serious business goals, you need to feed your body well. Whenever people ask me what they should be eating, I tell them to keep it simple. Stick to good sources of protein such as lean meats and eggs, healthy sources of carbohydrates such as veggies and whole grains and avoid anything too fatty. Give your tastebuds a little time to adapt and I promise you: you won’t look back.

If you’re looking to get started with the health and fitness industry yourself, then think about this; are the products that you want to sell really the things that you believe in? Are you a walking embodiment of the lifestyle that you love and that you are promoting? If not, think about that first – it’s much easier to get clients if you can show that what you are promoting really works. You wouldn’t listen to a doctor telling you to stop smoking if you knew that they smoked themselves, so why would you listen to a personal trainer that is overweight or a nutritionist that had thin hair and a dull complexion? The fitness world thrives on people who practice what they preach every day.

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